An illuminating guidebook for all patients - and those who serve as their advocates - Getting Your Best Health Care parses the complex system of care in America. Through practical examples and real-life strategies it steers us toward a more collegial, more efficient, more patient-focused – and undeniably safer – relationship with the system and professionals within it. This book teaches us how to partner with our doctors and nurses and how to stay safe while in their care. Patients have relied for too long on the doctors’ brilliance and goodness, believing that Doctor knows best. Doctors do know what’s the best medical care, and we know what’s best for us. It’s time for us to step up as partners in our care. 

“This is a must-read book for patients and physicians. It contains a wealth of information and websites for patient self-advocacy. For physicians this book is about being maximally patient-centered. This is not just a one time read but an excellent reference book to keep on your shelf or in your e-book. I hope this is only the first of many editions.”

- Lester J. Hartman, MD, FAAP, Senior Associat e and Director for Quality Improvement and the Medical Home, Westwood/Mansfield Pediatrics, Instructor at Harvard Medical School


“Ken Farbstein has written a lucid, insightful book that brims with useful information.  This book should be an asset for any patient or advocate who is facing a medical crisis.”

Helen Haskell, Founder and President, Mothers Against Medical Errors


“This timely book provides an interesting and broadly-cast view for empowerment of patients.  I highly recommend this book as a primer to patient safety as it applies to your personal healthcare journey.”

- John James, Editor, Patient Safety America Newsletter; author, A Sea of Broken Hearts


“This book is an essential tool for anyone who is dealing with personal or family health care issues.  It provides a solid knowledge base that can help individuals, family members, physicians, and patient advocates avoid bad healthcare outcomes. This is a perfect text to share with any health care consumer or someone who does not have a good understanding of the role of a patient advocate. I plan to share my marked up, highlighted and sticky-noted copy with my parents who are aging with chronic illness."

- Shelly Kinney, RN, MSN, CNLCP, CCM, Editorial Committee Chairperson, Journal of Nurse Life Care Planning


"The personal stories are simply gripping.  I even read them aloud to my children.  I couldn't put it down all weekend.  My children's sitter, a retired nurse with over 40 years experience in hospice and home care, was engrossed in it too.”

- Tricia Pil, MD