Melior Consulting Group is a healthcare consulting firm located near Boston, Massachusetts. Since 1995, we have served more than 100 hospital, behavioral health, and governmental organizations as clients.

We have a broad range of experience.  During an anxious time of turmoil and great change in healthcare, we have helped:

  • Provider organizations to redesign the way they care for patients.  We’ve helped behavioral health provider organizations to get patients into treatment sooner and to keep them longer.  We’ve helped hospitals and medical groups to care for patients much more safely; and
  • Individuals to advocate most effectively for the best medical care for themselves and their families.

Because we work for both organizations and individuals, we have a unique perspective on the kinds of operational changes by providers that patients will value most highly, and the best ways to engage patients in self-care and make medical care as safe as possible.

If you are a CEO, Executive Director, Treatment Director, Chief Nursing Officer, or Chief Medical Officer, we provide services designed for you.

Get stories of individuals’ encounters with the healthcare system, and the lessons they learned, by reading Patient Safety Blog.

Get the book, Getting Your Best Health Care:  Real-World Stories for Patient Empowerment.